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Golden Magic / Super Rich Sampler

Nature + Science Together = Great Results for Aging Skin.
New Discovery in oil processing may be the future for skin care

Dear Friend,

golden magicIf you are interested in slowing the signs of aging and looking your best, you may want to take a moment and explore the information below.  The PEL Naturals line of products are known for their high quality ingredients and their ability to solve difficult skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.  And now I feel we have developed a night serum that takes your skin care to the next level to fight the signs of aging.

Fair or not, your face is what people notice first.  Why not invest in the most natural and nourishing products that will enhance your youthful appearance and slow the hands of time.  We can't stop the aging process, but with the right ingredients, we can greatly improve the health of your skin which will be very noticeable to your friends and family.  If you look good, you tend to feel good and that is a fact of life.

We watch what we eat and read ingredient labels to ensure we are getting the proper nutrition in our diets.  The ingredients we place on our skin should be just as important.  Good nutrition for your skin is just as vital if we want to look and feel our best.  High quality, 100% all natural ingredients in skin care products, is the secret to healthy and youthful skin.  As many in the health industry will tell you...if you can't pronounce the ingredient, don't consume it.  The same policy should apply to skin care products.  Truly natural ingredients make the best quality and effective skin care.

It has been proven that properly refined emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and the very best transdermal ingredient used to carry other nourishing substances through the skin.  A very recent discovery in the process of emu oil has greatly improved the ability to penetrate the skin layers unlike any other ingredient available.  Team up this extraordinary oil with other known anti-oxidants such as encapsulated vitamin C, A and E, plus other proven skin nutrients, and you create a serum that delivers you noticeably better skin tone, reduction in the appearance of facial lines and puffiness.  You will notice softer and more radiant skin in just 30 days of use, guaranteed!!


Bottom line...The secret to gorgeous, healthy skin is good nutrition.  Feed your skin the nutrients that supports healthy skin cells and you will achieve healthy skin for life.

Golden Magic for sun damaged skin

 We are often asked if we carry a product to address sun damaged skin or old acne scars.  I am confident we now have the solution to this common skin question.  This wonderful night serum works while you are resting to restore damaged skin and nourish your skin cells.  It may take more time to heal damaged skin but you will see results over time with daily use.  

Is Golden Magic just an eye serum?

Golden Magic is excellent for use around the delicate eye area but goes well beyond just an eye serum.  Just two drops of this magical oil will nourish your entire face and neck while you sleep.  This serum is excellent for sensitive skin of all types.

Do I need to continue my daytime moisturizer?

For the ultimate in skin care, you may need to continue with your morning moisturizer.  Let's face it, as we age, our skin needs extra moisturizing to combat the signs of aging.  I strongly recommend an all natural formulation such as our Super-Rich Moisturizer to be added to your daily routine to maintain soft and supple skin.   We have received hundreds of letters and notes from our satisfied customers regarding the many benefits from using such a high quality moisturizer.   I can't stress enough of how important 100% natural ingredients are for aging, sensitive, or troubled skin.  Read the ingredient list of everything you put on your face.  If you don't want chemicals in your skin, don't put them on your skin.

How long will my 1 ounce bottle last?

Depending on coverage, you may have enough Golden Magic to last about 6 months. Golden Magic is very concentrated with no fillers or water, so the smallest amount is all you need to see and feel the benefits of this amazing serum. I guarantee you will be pleased with how your skin looks and feels. If for any reason you are not totally please with your results in 30 days of use, return the unused portion for a full refund.

After 10 years of promoting quality skin care products, Golden Magic is the product of which I'm most proud.  We have worked closely with the doctors who formulate our other all natural products, to produce for us the highest quality serum we could offer.   I truly believe Golden Magic will become our signature product in the PEL Naturals line. 

I know there are many companies and celebrities asking you to spend your hard earned money on their products and especially serums, and we all promise great results.  You can pay more or less for your skin care products but I guarantee you will not find better quality skin care or customer service.  Our goal at Purple Emu is to provide solutions to your skin care needs and we guarantee every product we sell.

This combination of high quality, all natural ingredients and new technology, makes your investment in Golden Magic worth every penny.  Quality is not cheap and cheap is not what you want to apply to your face. You deserve great skin and I am confident you will be very pleased with the remarkable difference in your appearance.

To your healthy skin for life,

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P.S. If would like you to experience the most outstanding and effective solution for your dry and aging skin. Let me mail you a sample of our extraordinary Golden Magic night serum and a trial size of our Super-Rich Moisturizer. Plus, a $10.00 off coupon, a catalog and informational brochures will be included.

All you pay is the $5.95 per sample.

(One per customer please)

You will be amazed how wonderful your skin responds to the all natural approach to skin care.

You're going to LOVE your face!!

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