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Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus....there may not be a cure but all natural emu oil offers welcome relief.

  • Lichen sclerosus (LS) is a chronic skin problem that can develop on any skin surface, but most often affects the genital and anal regions. It is most common in postmenopausal women, but it can also occur in younger women, children, and men.
  • Although the cause of LS is unclear, it seems to be more common in certain families. LS is not caused by an infection and it is not contagious.
  • Symptoms of LS in women may include pain or itching in the vulvar and/or anal area, and the development of thin, white, wrinkled skin on and around the labia. Bruising or cracks (fissures) may also appear, and the fragile skin may bleed with rubbing or sexual activity. In men, LS can develop on the head of the penis, and usually affects the foreskin of uncircumcised males.
  • If LS is not treated, it may worsen and cause permanent changes to the genitals.
  • To diagnose LS, a healthcare provider conducts a medical history and physical examination; a biopsy can confirm the diagnosis and rule out other conditions that cause similar symptoms. Patients with LS affecting the genitals are at increased risk for developing vulvar cancer, and should be examined regularly for changes.
  • Treatment can reduce symptoms and prevent the condition from progressing; most patients find that their symptoms improve with treatment over time. Steroid ointments or injections can help reduce inflammation and itching; pain may be treated with an oral medication


A natural alternative to steroids is using pure refined emu oil on the effected areas to relieve itching and pain. Emu oil will help heal your skin and help prevent tearing. If emu oil is used as an alternative to steroid creams, it is best to maintain regular check-ups with your physician to monitor your condition.

Emu oil is also a natural complement to the conventional treatment creams because emu oil is a trans-dermal carrier of ingredients in your prescription steriod cream.

Emu oil is used as a natural lubricant to avoid pain and tearing of tissue during intercourse and is extremely safe for the most delicate tissue.

What three of our customers had to say about their experience using emu oil.

I am a 68 year old female living in Winnipeg, Canada who suffered from Lichen Sclerosus in my genital area for most of last year.

When I was finally diagnosed, my doctor prescribed a steroid cream which I was very reluctant to use.

The condition worsened until I was bright red and in pain and the itch was unbearable.

I went on line and tried two different creams that begin with the letter P-- and another that begins with EM--. They both gave me mild relief only and then I read online of a woman who had great relief with Pure Emu Oil.

I ordered it immediately from your company and the relief was instant!! It felt like silk when I applied it and there was no burn unlike what I felt with the other 2 creams that I had tried. It took only a few days until I was completely cured. I say cured because although this is supposed to be a chronic condition, it has never come back. I bought a pint of it and have used it for multiple other skin conditions with great success. I have just today ordered another pint as I am afraid of being without it if this condition does return.

It is unfortunate that this product is not recognized by the medical profession as it truly was a miracle and an instant cure for me. My doctor seemed underwhelmed by my Emu story and recovery and Iím sure that she will continue to prescribe dangerous steroids. I would be happy to have my name used if you have way to get this awareness out to the medical community or if I may help someone else who has this condition.

The oil was a life saver for me and I dread a return of Lichen Sclerosus but if it ever does return, I am ready again to battle it with your Purple Emu!

My daughters are both using it now for skin irritations, baby care etc. I have also found it excellent for hemorrhoids.

Beth R. Winnipeg, Manitoba

......"I was just reading on the internet looking for a natural solution to my Lichen Sclerosus conditon. I read where other women had used emu oil and it helped tremendously. I happened to have some Purple Emu Oil on hand. I've used it 5 or 6 times yesterday and about 5 or 6 today...and I can't believe how it has helped. It works much MUCH better than the steroid cream that I've been on for 14 years. My goodness gracious...I'm ready to order a gallon of this stuff. This stuff should be on OPRAH!"
Kay C, Metropolis, IL.

After just a few days using the pure refined emu oil on a badly affected vaginal and rectal case of lichen sclerosis, the swelling has diminished, the redness, itching and eruptions are disappearing.

Most significantly, the thick scarring from a previous surgical procedure at Mayo clinic has gradually been breaking down and is peeling off leaving a smooth pink skin surface. I have also been putting a couple of pumps of the product in a vaginal applicator and inserting once a day. I am experiencing healing of the scarring and skin breakdown due to years of using topical steroids for this condition

I began using your products after researching the internet and finding another person who suffers from Lichen and she found relieve using the Purple Emu so I am grateful to her for sharing her experience.

I see you don't mention in any of your literature or on your site the benefits of this oil in connection with Lichen Sclerosis but she and I both can testify that it does indeed have very beneficial results. Feel free to use my experience if you like. I expect I will see progressive healing as time goes on and will plan on buying this product in larger quantities so as not to run out.
Gay, Bismark, ND


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