Skin Care Tips vol. 5/issue2

Fountain of Youth in a jar

Scientists have discovered something close to the fountain of youth in popular everyday antioxidants. When free radicals such as smoke, radiation, pollution or chemicals attack your skin; these antioxidants neutralize the attack, preventing cell and tissue damage.

For this reason, topical applications of the antioxidants vitamins A, C and E are at the top of many dermatologists’ lists when it comes to fighting the effects of aging on skin. In addition to fighting against damage, some of these nutrients can actually help repair damage. Using natural substances that are high in these antioxidants provides a natural way to replenish your skin. One of the most important things we can include in our skin care products is a nutrient to increase collagen production, the multipurpose protein that supports our skin and prevents sags and wrinkles.

Researchers in Korea have found that Ginkgo biloba increases collagen production when applied to human skin. In India, scientists testing wound-healing properties of aloe vera reported an increase in collagen creation also.

For many years we have been told not to use oils on our skin. Science now has proven that some oils are essential to maintaining youthful, healthy skin. Formulators worldwide now recognize the therapeutic properties of natural oils in maintaining a youthful appearance. The oils with their omega 3 (linolenic), omega 6 (linoleic), and omega 9 essential fatty acids are very beneficial and soothing to a myriad of skin conditions. Emu oil has been discovered to be the most transdermal of all oils, carrying other nutritious ingredients deep below the surface of your skin.

In an effort to provide an all natural, anti-aging crème for our customers Purple Emu Ltd works with doctors that formulate products using cutting edge research and only the finest ingredients.

Our doctors use unique combinations of oils such as emu oil, virgin olive oil, hemp seed oil, and camelina oil. This mixture of oils, Ginkgo biloba and Aloe Vera combines to become a fountain of youth in a jar. This formula has the unique properties of being both moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. It penetrates the skin and stimulates the immune system to provide anti-wrinkle action, helps to rebuild collagen fibers, protects elastin in the skin, protects fibroblasts against free radicals and promotes faster healing of already damaged skin.

If you are interested in an all-natural, true anti-aging moisturizer that promises a more youthful and healthy skin, please check our Super-Rich Moisturizer. You will notice such a difference in your skin in 30 days, guaranteed! “ON SPECIAL” right now just in time for Spring.

“Serious Skin Care Made Simple!”

Nettie Bunton, Owner
Purple Emu, Ltd.


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