Skin Care Tips vol. 4/issue 1

What Are You Putting On Your Skin?


It seems that today everyone is concerned with his or her diet. We’ve become a society obsessed with carbs, fats, proteins and calories. We diligently stand in the grocery store and read labels to ensure that what we’re buying has only the best of ingredients and exactly what we are allowing ourselves to consume. Why is skin care so different? Your skin is your body’s largest organ. We need to become educated consumers regarding the products we apply to our skin. Read the labels on the drugstore and department store lotions, pain creams and skin medications you have piled up in your medicine cabinet and on your nightstand. Can you pronounce or recognize half of the ingredients? You’re careful not to put chemicals IN your body, why are you so willing to put them ON your body? A lot of you are probably saying that it seems wrong to apply an oil-based product to your skin. We are so used to manufacturers touting their products as “oil-free” so that your pores don’t get clogged and your skin won’t break out. This is all fine and well when talking about synthetic oil, however, all-natural oil such as emu oil and nut oils will not clog your pores and will actually do wonders for your skin. Emu oil mimics your own body’s oil to nourish, moisturize and re-balance your skin.

Where can you turn for truly all-natural products that are actually good for your skin? Read the list of ingredients for many of the products we have available through Purple Emu. Many of these formulations are all-natural, are beneficial to your skin and are produced with ingredients you can actually recognize. The next time you are looking for a pain relief cream, a moisturizer, a sun cream, an acne cream, a dietary oil supplement or even a bar of soap; check out the Purple Emu line of natural products and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Become educated about skin care…there really is a difference!

Nettie Bunton, Owner
Purple Emu, Ltd.

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