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Dry Skin Solution

Dry, itchy skin is a nuisance that plagues many of us. This only seems to intensify during the winter months. We turn on the heat, we wear multi-layered clothing we don’t sweat due to cooler weather and with less exposed skin as with summer clothing we tend to moisturize less often.

Dry, itchy skin is perceived as an annoyance and we therefore tend to ignore it when possible or dismiss it as irritating, but here to stay. Few of us would think to ask our doctor about dry skin, it’s just one of life’s bothers. Fortunately dry, itchy skin is not dangerous. Unfortunately if you experience dry, itchy skin with a rash this could have much more serious implications. When combined with a rash, itchy skin is caused by a number of conditions including atopic dermatitis and eczema.

Common sense tells you that dry skin needs moisture. There are thousands of lotions on the market and the brands sold for “extra-dry” skin should be the best, right? Well, you need to be an educated consumer in this field. Some lotions sold for dry skin contain lactic acid or urea. While these two ingredients work great to soften the skin they can irritate itchy skin and actually make the itching worse. Many sufferers have found that doctor prescribed steroid creams are not only extremely expensive, but have side effects.

So, is there a silver lining to this cloud?
Yes, your dry, itchy skin needs oil.

Emu oil and moisturizers containing emu oil can be lifesavers for your dry skin. Emu oil’s amazing transdermal properties quickly penetrates to the third layer of the derma to rush the relieving components which make up emu oil’s complex structure to the dehydrated cells. Emu oil is a healing oil that mimics the skin’s own oils and rebalances the lipid fatty acid composition in skin to ensure softer, moisturized skin. Emu oil is all-natural. There are no chemicals, no fillers, nothing to clog your pores or further irritate your skin’s already delicate state.

For relief of chronic dry skin you may want to consider adding emu oil to your diet as well as using it as a topical moisturizer. Dry, cracked skin is a sign that your diet is lacking in essential fats. Just 30 days of ingesting 3 emu oil gel-caps daily, which provide necessary Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids, will be ample time to let you experience a difference in your skin’s texture and moisture level.

Emu oil is safe for all ages, whether newborn or elderly, this astounding oil will help alleviate your dry, itchy skin blues

Nettie Bunton, Owner
Purple Emu, Ltd.

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