Skin Care Tips vol. 3/issue 1

Give Nature a Chance

Many times I am asked, "If your products work so well, why doesn't my doctor know about them?" Doctors receive their facts regarding drugs from drug companies, and the bottom line is that drug companies will push chemicals that are cheap to produce and have cleared the FDA's approval. The truth is that the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) plays a major roll in "protecting" us from products that do not withstand years of clinical testing which demands millions of dollars. A drug company who lays out millions of dollars to bring a product to market can't patent an all-natural product. If that all-natural product can't be patented they will not invest the time or the money to manufacture and market such a product.

Natural products have always lurked in the underground of alternative remedies. Natural products are scoffed at by doctors and heavily restricted by government regulations. The FDA still controls the claims that can be made on labels, BUT the educated consumer is changing how we look at the all-natural approach to health and skin care.

Our bodies are equipped with a mechanism to heal itself. If given proper nutrition your body and your skin can repair and rebuild themselves to a healthy state. Feeding your skin from both the inside with a healthy diet and supplements, and from the outside using ingredients on your skin that nourish the surface can make a world of difference in the condition of your skin.

When was the last time your dermatologist asked you about your diet? My guess is never. I am sure you have heard the phrase, "you are what you eat" but never thought about how this relates to skin care. It is possible that what you don't eat can be more influential than what you do eat. Dermatologists are quick to tell you what triggers an outbreak of acne and rosacea but miss the mark when it comes to nutritional advice. Our skin is our largest living organ. Why not give nature a chance to make your skin as healthy as possible by using all-natural products and good quality dietary supplements? Taking these extra measures will help compensate for our inadequate nutrition due to our depleted soils and "fast food" lifestyles.

An increase in your consumption of fish and fish oils can be very beneficial to healthy skin. A well respected nutritionist in our area highly recommends a tablespoon of cod liver oil mixed into 4 oz. of orange juice daily to increase your levels of vitamins A and D. Taking cod liver oil orally may not be the tastiest method of insuring your skin's health, but cod liver oil is an excellent dietary supplement. It is also recommended that we drink 6 to 8 glasses of pure filtered water per day. One of our skin's functions is to eliminate waste and toxins from our bodies. Good quality drinking water is very important for that function because it promotes waste elimination through our bowels and kidneys rather than through our skin.

Dr. Linker, PhD, an expert in nutrition and herbology stresses the importance of Essential Fatty Acids in our diets for good skin health. She also recommends supplementation of vitamins C, E, D and calcium as beneficial nutrients that need to be increased in our daily intake.

Whether consumed or applied directly to the skin emu oil is an excellent source for essential fats and mimics the same chemical makeup as the oil in our skin.

Good nutrition, all natural ingredients containing emu oil and quality supplementation can do wonders to promote healthy skin for life.

Nettie Bunton, Owner
Purple Emu, Ltd.

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