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The following products are recommended to treat this condition:

Emu Oil Protective Sun Creme

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

I wanted to share my experience using emu oil and the Protective Sun Creme here in the hot, Florida sun.  I love to fish, and garden, and spend many hours a week in the sun.  Plus, I have rosacea and my skin can be quite sensitive and turns red rather easily.   Years ago, a friend of mine used emu oil prior to her radiation treatments, and her skin did not  burn.  I was convinced emu oil must have a natural SPF or something, that made it protective of radiation.  Since there are no studies to date regarding emu oil and SPF, I decided to try it out for myself.  Anyone with rosacea will tell you, commercial sun blocks burn your face when applied.  So the natural alternative was something I was looking for.
I use only emu oil on my skin as sun protection now with great success.  If my face is exposed for long periods of time, I apply the Protective Sun Creme on my face, after I apply the oil.  My last fishing trip was over eight hours in the Florida sun, and I can report...no burning or even any redness at all.   There IS an all-natural  solution for sun protection!!

Nettie B.

You're wonderful for checking in with me and I'm so glad that you personally contacted me! Here's why...

I've been spending more time out in the sun lately and I wanted extra-extra protection on my face while at the pool with my kids, so as I looked around my bathroom, I found the protective sun creme that I never gave away and decided to use that on my bare face (no makeup). When I put my glasses back on and looked at my face...I was kind of shocked at what I saw...

The protective sun creme seemed to cover my face as though it were makeup...but I thought maybe it was my imagination so I took a big mirror and went outside to see how I looked in broad daylight and I was amazed! Remember I told you that I didn't like how it turned my face kinda white and didn't look great under my makeup? Well guess what? The protective sun creme has now BECOME my MAKEUP! ! I can now and am currently typing to you while at WORK with nothing on but your protective sun creme and mascara!!! Now, while it doesn't completely cover any huge blemishes, it does cover smaller ones and evens out some of my redness which is insane but it really does!!

I've been trying to find a way to stop wearing makeup without looking like a freak show and now I've found it. With the proper blending of your sun creme into my skin, my skin looks even-toned and natural. This is why I am ordering more!!! Who knows; now that I don't have to cake makeup on my face anymore, my skin problems just may go away on their own - NATURALLY!

If you'd let me return it to you back then, I never would have discovered this miracle...SO THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Jessika E.

I wanted to give you an update on just how wonderful I think your Protective Sun Creme is. I am also glad you sent along the sample of Super-Rich Moisturizer. I tried the Protective Sun Creme the first day alone. But it seemed hard to spread on my face. Then I tried putting some Super-Rich on one finger and Sun Creme on another. This made it go on just fine. I do love the tint and it is not too dark for my fair skin, (since I had to stop the sun tanning). I have now used both on Monday, Tuesday and also this morning. I went out and worked in the yard yesterday and my face stayed cool. I just love these products. My skin can still breath. With all the other products I have tried to use I felt like I had a mask on my face. I will be placing another order soon for the full size of Preventative Sun Creme and the Super-Rich Moisturizer. We travel a lot and I will be in Canada for 14 days in the mountains and seashore and then in Sept we go to Hawaii. In-between we go to Golf tournaments so you can see I am out side a lot and really do need a good sun screen that won't make my face turn bright red as soon as I get even a little warm.
Thank you so much for your wonderful products. They are the very best I have found for my rosacea.
Thank you again,
Julie F.

I received the package today and am very pleased. I am pleased with the Protective Sun Creme, it works great for me as a day-to-day “, makeup”, it goes into my skin and just disappears. I've never found a chemical “suntan” product that does not break me out into huge hivelike eruptions (on my FACE of all places!) when I'm in the sun: the zinc oxide is the only product that seems to keep my skin looking good in or out of the sun, so I certainly hope your zinc oxide sun protection products stay on the market!”
Carol V. University Place, WA

On a trip to Phoenix we took along a large bottle of Emu oil. The temperatures were well over 102 degrees in late May, and we while we both got great suntans, we never had to worry about sunburns. The oil appears to totally protect the skin from burning!
Peggy & GlennG, Camas Valley, OR

Just a note to say thank you for your products. I have very fair, dry skin and rosacea, and I use the Purple Emu Oil every night. It keeps the rosacea in control and, most of the year, it's all I use. However, I do keep the moisturizing cream on hand to help during the extremely dry winter months.

Also, this summer we took a trip to the beach and I tried your protective sun cream. Amazingly, I did not get a sunburn, and -- as I said -- with my fair skin, I ALWAYS get at least a little sunburned. So, I give that product extra high marks! Thanks again.

Patty P.  Cordova, TN

Thank you so much for your wonderful all natural products!!! I am extremely chemically sensitive and cannot use anything whatsoever with synthetic toxic chemicals. I was previously using a product that was supposedly "Natural" and it caused my skin to become very irritated resulting in dryness and severe flaking and peeling within just a few weeks. Brilliant me finally looked at the ingredients (with a magnifying glass because the listing is so tiny on the containers) and saw that it was full of chemicals. Even though I discontinued this within just a few weeks of starting, nothing I tried would restore my skin from the flaking and peeling damage. Finally I remembered that I had a sample jar of Super Moisturizer and I tried that. Amazingly enough this healed my skin and stopped the dryness and peeling overnight!!! Needless to say I am ordering a regular size of this with my order for the Protective Sun Creme, which is the best natural sunscreen I have ever found. It has been a challenge finding high quality totally natural products, so I am very glad that I finally found your company (while searching on the internet).
Gratefully, Evelyn G.

Turning the Sunburn into Suntan

Why do people spend thousands of dollars coming to the Maryland beaches for fun in the sun, then turn the experience into painful memories with sunburn? According to Dr. Michael Hall it is a simple matter of oversight “They get involved in the events of the day and forget to apply the suntan lotion. Occasionally you get people who are used to having a suntan but, for whatever reasons, have not been able to get outdoors much lately. Their tans have faded and they have forgotten that you can’t just spend unprotected hours in the sun without paying the price.”

Overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, although painful, can usually be treated at home - or the hotel room. “Sunburn symptoms will be most severe six to 48 hours after the exposure.” States Dr. Hall. “There are some simple rules that can be used to avoid burning and also to alleviate the pain.”

1. Be aware that some drugs and cosmetics contain substances that cause the skin to absorb more of the sun's radiation. These include, but are not limited to, Birth Control Pills, Tetracycline, diuretics, and some of the major tranquilizers. If you are taking any prescription medications you should check with your physician prior to major sun exposure.

2. Know your skin! Apply a sunblock with a SPF of 15 or greater if you are among those most likely to burn, lower if you are less likely. An ounce of sunblock will effectively cover your entire body. Use a higher-level sunblock for the tips of your ears, bridge of your nose, or, if you are among the super intelligent, that bald spot. Sunblock should be applied 15 to 30 minutes before venturing out into the sun and re-applied at least every hour.

3. Sunburned eyes are no joke, and it can take 12 to 24 hours before you realize you have a problem! Avoid that gritty, sand in the eyes feeling by wearing sunglasses. Purchase a good pair of sunglasses that will block up to 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

4. Don’t forget your head! Wear some type of loose fitting protection on your head, especially when sunning or sailing.

5. The sun is most damaging between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. during our summer months. Limit your outdoor activities between those times and try to do your golfing, play tennis, swim, etc., in the early morning or late afternoon.

6. If you do burn, don’t apply a cream or petroleum jelly. It will trap in the heat and make things worse. Use pure emu oil to sooth your skin and alleviate the pain.

7. Do not use a product containing benzocaine on your sunburn While it may provide temporary relief, in the long run it can cause skin irritation and prolong the healing time.

8. Blisters indicate a second-degree burn. Do not break the blisters and if they break on their own, do not peel off the skin. Use of emu oil immediately after exposure has been known to prevent blisters from forming, however, if blisters have formed, application of the oil may help the skin to heal quicker so you can continue to enjoy your vacation.

9. Take care when bathing. Do not scrub or shave your sunburned skin. Never, never use bath salts or a bubble bath type product when you have a sunburn! If you feel it is necessary to put something in the water, use 1/2 oz of Pure Emu Oil. Take a cool bath and gently pat your skin dry. Apply Pure Emu Oil to the skin as an after bath moisturizer to ease chafing and skin irritation.

10. If you have a sunburn, stay out of the sun!

Dr. Hall went on to say “The hardest part in dealing with sunburn is that people tend to listen to their friends on what to do, and those remedies may actually make things worse in the long run. Believe it or not, in today’s modern world, the best aid for damaged skin is actually an old Australian Aborigine cure, emu oil.” The American Emu Association agrees. In a recent press release they stated, “Emu oil is also excellent for sunburn relief, moisturizing the skin to avoid peeling as it magically relieves the burning pain and the redness that lingers after a day in the sun. And it also moisturizes parched skin after any outdoor adventure.”