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Stretch Marks

The following product is recommended to treat this condition:

Emu Oil

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

Thank you for the emu oil. The doctor asked me what nationality I was because my stretch marks are minimal on the sides and none on my belly, and its not from gaining SIXTY POUNDS! (Ancient Chinese secret - EMU OIL!!)
Sherrie S., Valley Forge, PA

The emu oil was awesome at stopping the itching and preventing stretch marks while I was pregnant.
Jodi H., Macomb, IL 61455

I have to thank you so much. My brother has been using your A/R cream the last 2 weeks for his acne and inflammation and has had much success with it.. to say the least!

As for me, I've been using the 100% pure emu oil on my rosacea face the last month. It is truly amazing and i will never do without this the rest of my life. My redness is like gone when i use it nightly, the flare-ups are gone as is the irritation... It helps everything else absorb so well... My skin seems to be thickening as well, yes :)...

I have also been using this oil on my scar that I have from a past hernia surgery, it is fading dramatically.

I have been using it on my stretch marks on my back, they are almost 100% gone in only about 2 weeks of use, incredible! ! Also on red spots from a past rash, also fading big time :)... even my parents have been begging me for this oil before bed for their dry skin.. we all love it and wont be without it.

Thanks for making this available to us all Bye and I'll be in touch
Mike L, AZ

I use it for pregnancy and I get NO stretch marks. I travel all the way to Jackson, CA to Sutter Amador Hospitals gift shop to get your emu oil. I am now buying it for my friend who is pregnant and uses it all over her stomach, thighs and breasts, She is 7 months and has NO stretch marks! It is a miracle oil!
Anissa M. Long Beach, CA

I am using the emu oil on stretch marks on my abdomen from pregnancy, and am seeing a gradual reduction in the scars (have been using one month to date).
Peggy and Glenn G., Camas Valley, Oregon

Natural Skin Care Remedies for Stretch Marks
By Myra Charleston

Many women, and some men, have stretch marks. They usually occur during periods of rapid growth - puberty, pregnancy or simple weight gain. The expectation is that, although they may fade somewhat with time, once you have them you've got them for life. However, new research has shown that there may be several options to eliminate these unsightly scars. Maintaining a good natural skin care routine will help avoid them, but getting rid of them takes some additional steps.

Stretch marks are caused by stretching the collagen and elastin to the point of breaking, which then results in scarring. Although there are many creams and lotions on the market containing collagen and collagen-building nutrients, these are not easily absorbed through the skin to the dermis - where the collagen and elastin reside.

One effective remedy for this is emu oil. Emu oil itself is a good source of Vitamin E, but, more importantly, its high concentration of oleic acid allows it to carry nutrient compounds through the skin to the dermis. A cream combining collagen and collagen- building nutrients with emu oil can help the absorption, and the production of collagen.

Vitamin K can also be used to heal stretch marks. Some have seen results in as little as four to six weeks when used twice a day. Wheat germ oil is another excellent healer. The best results come from a pure, organic product of high quality.

None of these remedies work very fast - don't expect to see significant change for at least a month or two, and it may take longer if the scars are severe or you've had them for a long time. But most people who are concerned about their stretch marks won't mind the wait.

Of course, the easier route is to avoid getting them in the first place - but it's unusual to come through a pregnancy or a period of rapid weight gain unscathed. Eating foods rich in vitamins C and E, zinc and silica (important for collagen formation), keeping the body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and maintaining a natural skin care routine free of harsh soaps and chemicals that dry the skin will help - and don't forget to use a good shielding lotion to keep your skin moist and supple.

Visit the National Skin Care Institute for more information.