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Muscle Cramping

The following products are recommended to treat this condition:

Emu Oil Purple Rub

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

While at our family reunion in June, I had occasion to "sell" emu oil. My mother has cramping in her feet that just doesn't quit. She usually massages with creams of various sorts, but often it does no more than temporarily relieve the current cramp. I asked her to use the emu oil and the cramp not only was relieved, but didn't return that night. Mother is never too ready to give credit in case it was a fluke, but she was really quite pleased. She and Dad are in their 80s so they have various aches and pains often. Mom wanted me to replace the one-ounce bottle I gave her and made me promise that I contact you for a price. Daddy wanted some for his buddy's wife If it doesn't cost too much." As you probably have guessed, they're on a fixed income. I have been meaning to ask him if he still wants some for his buddy, but the subject hasn't come up.
Geri B. Sixes. OR

I twisted my neck and could not walk without pain, so I applied the Emu oil to the neck base, and all the affected areas, especially the kneecaps and feet, wrapped my neck and kneecaps in plastic kitchen wrap to seal it in, and put socks on my feet to seal in the oil. Discovered during the process (insult added to injury) that I had a painful in-grown toenail (my first ever). Overnight, I slept in plastic wrap and socks, and not only did the pain stop by morning, but I could move my neck and body parts without pain. I did not even think about the in-grown toenail for close to week, and while reading an article on the Internet about the Emu oil's uses, discovered in-grown toenails listed as one. At that moment I realized I did not have any further problems with that toenail!

Peggy and Glenn G., Camas Valley, Oregon

I have suffered for years with muscle spasms in the back, usually one of these bouts last 5 or 6 days, the only relief was from a prescription muscle relaxer, I don't know if they actually helped or just made me sleep through the misery. About three months ago while building fence, I pulled a muscle in my back, this is generally the beginning of several days of suffering. I had my back rubbed with a Sports Rub followed in an hour or so with pure Emu Oil, that night I went through the same routine. The next morning my back was stiff but after a couple of hours I was able to get back to fence building, maybe at a little slower pace for the day, but by the next day was at full capacity.

Don A., Dailey, WV

Many thanks for your Purple Rub pain relief cream. I purchased it for pain control with my degenerative disk disease in my neck. Imagine my surprise when I found it works for all sorts of pain. A sore muscle, a tender elbow, my achy arthritic hands. I haven't found anything it does not work for.
Thank you again for this marvelous product.
Dave W. Perkiomenville, PA