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Super Rich White Satin Emu Oil

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

My idea for using Emu Oil is right after the shower while still damp, put a half a dime size in your palms and lightly rub over the entire body!  While palms are still "shiny" with a very little oil left, rub thru damp hair for shine and conditioning!

Peggy, LI, NY

I have found many uses for your emu oil. I use it for blemishes to reduce the redness and inflammation. I find it also helps acne medications absorb better into the skin, in turn causing them to work better. I find it is a great eye makeup remover also. It is gentle and moisturizes the eye area very well. I also put a little in the ends of my hair when it gets really dry or is need of a trim.

Thank you so much for your wonderful all natural products!!! I am extremely chemically sensitive and cannot use anything whatsoever with synthetic toxic chemicals. I was previously using a product that was supposedly "Natural" and it caused my skin to become very irritated resulting in dryness and severe flaking and peeling within just a few weeks. Brilliant me finally looked at the ingredients (with a magnifying glass because the listing is so tiny on the containers) and saw that it was full of chemicals. Even though I discontinued this within just a few weeks of starting, nothing I tried would restore my skin from the flaking and peeling damage. Finally I remembered that I had a sample jar of Super Moisturizer and I tried that. Amazingly enough this healed my skin and stopped the dryness and peeling overnight!!! Needless to say I am ordering a regular size of this with my order for the Protective Sun Creme, which is the best natural sunscreen I have ever found. It has been a challenge finding high quality totally natural products, so I am very glad that I finally found your company (while searching on the internet).
Gratefully, Evelyn G.

I just had to write and tell you thank you.
I was given a sample of Purple Emu Oil to use for my rosacea and loved it. I now use the Redness and Blemish Control. The Super-Rich Moisturizer and the oil as treatment for my skin and they are great. My skin hasn't looked this good in years.
Thanks again for great products

We have been using emu oil for about twelve years and we always have a bottle in the house, we  order it by the 16 oz bottle and it lasts us one year, I use it as a  moisturizer on my skin on my hair, we use for ashes and pains rashes you name it. My husband has a lot pain on his knees and we rub emu oil and within minutes his pain is gone. Emu Oil is a miracle oil, we love it.!!

Hello folks! I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy your products and how much they have helped me. I started suffering from rosacea when I turned thirty. The doctor gave me a prescription cream, but to be honest, it didn't do a thing to help! Then by chance, while at the Maryland State Fair, my husband saw a booth promoting emu products. He noticed that one of the skin products said it could help reduce the severity of rosacea. Well, had nothing to lose, so I purchased a jar of the Blemish and Redness control (lite) and a small bottle of emu oil. I saw a marked improvement in my skin condition after a month (after a bit of exfoliation!). I have been using these products for about 1 1/2 years, and my skin looks fantastic. I have now taken to using the Super-Rich moisturizer in winter (when the air is so dry!), and it is the only moisturizer that won't make me break out. I have been recommending these products to friends and family, especially my cousin, who has been plagued with terrible rosacea. He has finally started using the products, and I am sure he'll be happy with the results. My mom is hooked on the face cream.
Thank you for making these products!
-Susan H.

I ordered your Blemish Control as well as your Redness & Blemish Control and your Super-Rich Moisturizer last summer. Now I have to write to you and thank you for these excellent products!
I also want to thank you for your excellent Super-Rich moisturizer. I have used some now for a couple of days, since the Swedish winter is very dry and cold this year. And I must say I am stunned at the results my skin is showing. Not only does your moisturizer feel good, it makes my skin look very smooth and rested. I will place an order for the full size jar very shortly.
Thank you so much for making these wonderful products. I am eternally grateful to you, and I will recommend you to everyone I meet.
Kristina Sundstrom, Sweden


I just wanted you to know that the PEL super rich moisturizer is INCREDIBLE STUFF!! Never used. anything that is so nurturing to my skin --it lasts all day, no drying during the day - still feels supple in the evening before I wash my face for bed... and I lather it on, sparingly of course, after washing... then feels great when I wake up! the BEST moisturize EVER!!

Nettie - just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for helping me through the start up period with the Redness and Blemish Control for my rosacea (granulomous type). You convinced me to keep going when my skin turned very dry (I looked look like a piece of parchment when I first started the cream) - and you were absolutely right! My skin is now the best it's been in years (and I'm 56!). The rosacea is gone, the bumps are gone, my skin is soft and not dry - and all I do is take my makeup off with your Emu Oil, a hot washcloth, put on the redness control (at night only now!) - for the day a touch more emu oil under makeup and your Super Rich Moisture Cream for my neck (it is a little too rich for my face). I put some Redness Control on a friend the other day who had a nasty patch of redness on the bridge of his nose and above his eyebrows which had just flared up. As we sat and talked, the cream worked to decrease the redness by half in only a few hours!! By next day the red was gone. He is amazed.
I just can't get over that there is something out there that works and yet the medical profession is so ignorant about it (or just want to keep throwing business to the pharmaceutical companies).
Again, thank you! I will never be without this cream again
Susan R.

Sorry this took so long but I'm finally getting to sending the e-mail with pictures that I've promised numerous times before.
First let me thank you for all your support. I had some fears in the beginning and you helped me through.
You guys have some terrific products and I'm so happy I found this website. I currently use the rosacea cream, the super rich moisturizer (a MUST with the rosacea cream-it's GREAT), the facial soap, the sunscreen, lip balm, and body moisturizer. You guys have some terrific products. I also want to thank you and anyone else who has answered the phone for being so helpful. Product is one thing, customer service is another and they go hand-in-hand.

I've finally attached some pictures from start to finish. I started in April, 2003 using the products twice a day and wearing a full face of makeup. Now am down to a regular routine of once a day or so and NOT wearing ANY makeup--it's great! The first picture is from April and the last one is from August and the ones in between are to show how despite the initial breakouts and "purging" you explained to me-whew!, my skin emerged happy, healthy and better that it's looked in twenty years!
Have a great "rest-of-the-summer" and I'll be contacting you soon for yet another order!
Linda G., Valley Stream, NY

I just wanted you to know that the PEL super rich moisturizer is INCREDIBLE STUFF!! Never used anything that is so nurturing to my skin -- it lasts all day, no drying during the day - still feels supple in the evening before I wash my face for bed... and I lather it on, sparingly of course, after washing... then feels great when I wake up! the BEST moisturize EVER!! Thank you!
Tammy S.

Just a note that the Redness & Blemish Control really works really good, much better than taking pills for my face (Rosacea). Thanks again and the Blemish Control has lasted so long, a little goes a long way. It’s been fun to try some either stuff too.
Thanks again. This stuff is good! The soaps and the Hand & Body lotion was really nice! The soaps smelled really good! And that Super-Rich moisturizer goes hand and hand with the Redness and Blemish Control
Joanna Schwab
Newport, OR

I suffer from Rosacea, but since using the Redness and Blemish Control & Super-Rich Moisturizer with Soft as Silk Cleanser, I have been clear for the last 2.5 months. Thank you for giving me more confidence and receiving compliments about my skin, which hasn't happened since I was in my twenties!
Julie B Derbyshire, UK

I wanted to send you a quick update...

Tonight will be 3 weeks since I started using your products, and I am happy to say that I am seeing some good progress :)
I have faithfully been using the creamy cleanser both morning and night, and then the Blemish Control only at night. After about 2 weeks, the extreme bumps started to clear up. I was getting new ones each day, but only a few and the old ones were clearing quickly.

At this point, my face was still blotchy and uncomfortable, (though less bumpy), so I decided to change the routine slightly at night, after washing, I put a light layer of pure Emu oil on, then a tiny touch of the Super-rich moisturizer, then wait about 10 minutes...then I mix in my hand a bitty bit of the Blemish Control with about 5 more drops of pure Emu oil and apply lightly to my face.

The mixing of the pure Emu oil with the BC really seemed to help the progress - the discomfort is gone. My skin is smoother, the color is becoming more even, and I only get maybe one or two new whitehead-type bumps a day...and those are usually almost completely gone by the following day.

And I'm not sure if it is just me being hopeful, but it seems to me that the fine lines around my eyes look a little smoother! I have been patting the pure oil very lightly around my eyes :)

Thank you for encouraging me to stick with the program and the products...it was difficult at first but I think worth waiting it out! I am looking forward to even more good results...today, in the morning after a very light layer of the pure emu oil, I smoothed on a sheer tinted moisturizer and I only needed to spot-cover a few areas. That was nice!
I appreciate your caring and dedication to your customers. Thanks again!
Cheryl Macedonia, OH

Well, I have used the PE products - cleanser, Blemish Control, and super-rich Moisturizer - for 4 nights now... This beginning phase is more difficult than I could have imagined :)

I'm so glad that I thoroughly read all the info on the Blemish Control at your website, and all the literature you sent me, so I was prepared for this period of ugliness :) But wow - I must admit this is much worse than I was even expecting. My face is just bumps, bumps, bumps. I'd say 60 at least...most are small, a few are big. The big ones are deep. The small ones just look terrible. Some have been filled with pus, others are just bumps. It is red and blotchy. The overall feeling is my face is uncomfortable, but not painful. It just LOOKS awful...

But I am committed to the program and will continue! I am praying this is just a big-time purge, as I read about. I am using the Blemish Control at night only, after washing my face with the PE cleanser. Since my skin is so aggravated, I am putting on a very light layer of just plain emu oil first, then a very little bit of the Blemish Control. I am putting it on the areas that I usually would break out - my T-Zone, and Jawline. Of course, those are the areas are now covered in the extreme bumps and whiteheads...
Tonight will be my 5th night. Each day I wake up to more bumps :) My face is not red in the morning when I wake up. I have been covering the "effects" with a dusting of mineral makeup and then the more obvious spots with a non-pore clogging concealer. Takes me about 1/2 an hour!

I am hoping and praying that after this period, things will begin to clear...there are no signs of this yet, but I am choosing to be optimistic, based on what I have heard and read about the Blemish Control.

I have tried several of your products over the past couple of months and I must tell you how impressed I am with the quality and efficacy. I'd never heard of emu oil 'til I found a mention of it on a website I was reading, along with the address to your site. On the strength of that person's recommendation I ordered my first bottle of emu oil and have been amazed at its wonderful properties. I use it for treatment of lichen sclerosis, and have found it very helpful in providing comfort, relief from symptoms and controlling progression of the condition.

I have also become a fan of your Super Rich Moisturizer. That stuff is wonderful too. I put it on my face and see the wrinkles instantly smooth out. It makes my skin so soft and smooth. It's so light, and even though I don't usually like scented products, it has a nice, light scent that is very pleasant and doesn't linger.

So thank you very much for such great products. I intend to be a customer for a long while!
Best regards, Chris R.

I use Emu Oil as a nighttime moisturizer on my face and have had several people tell me how beautiful my skin looks. I have been using the oil for about 5 years and will continue to use it for many more

Donna G.

I use emu oil for so many things. Here are a few:

1: overnight hair conditioner- I apply to the ends or any dry sections and wash out in the morning.
2: eyelash conditioner-use at night
3: nightly facial moisturizer
4: great under makeup as a primer
5: during the winter I apply it to my children's faces before playing outside and their faces no longer get chapped from the cold
6:cuticle conditioner

I can't think of more at the moment but I know there are other uses-It is a staple at my home. Thanks for great products!