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L.S. - Lichen Sclerosis

The following product is recommended to treat this condition:
Emu Oil

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about this product:

I am a 68 year old female living in Winnipeg, Canada who suffered from Lichen Sclerosus in my genital area for most of last year.

When I was finally diagnosed, my doctor prescribed a steroid cream which I was very reluctant to use.

The condition worsened until I was bright red and in pain and the itch was unbearable.

I went on line and tried two different creams that begin with the letter P-- and another that begins with EM-- They both gave me mild relief only and then I read online of a woman who had great relief with Pure Emu Oil.

I ordered it immediately from your company and the relief was instant!! It felt like silk when I applied it and there was no burn unlike what I felt with the other 2 creams that I had tried. It took only a few days until I was completely cured. I say cured because although this is supposed to be a chronic condition, it has never come back. I bought a pint of it and have used it for multiple other skin conditions with great success. I have just today ordered another pint as I am afraid of being without it if this condition does return.

It is unfortunate that this product is not recognized by the medical profession as it truly was a miracle and an instant cure for me. My doctor seemed underwhelmed by my Emu story and recovery and I'm sure that she will continue to prescribe dangerous steroids. I would be happy to have my name used if you have way to get this awareness out to the medical community or if I may help someone else who has this condition.

The oil was a life saver for me and I dread a return of Lichen Sclerosus but if it ever does return, I am ready again to battle it with your Purple Emu!

My daughters are both using it now for skin irritations, baby care etc. I have also found it excellent for hemorrhoids.

Beth R. Winnipeg, Manitoba

For the past three years I have used purple emu oil for my lichen sclerosis.
I was in so much pain with LS and using clobetesol to ease the pain. I now only use clobetesol once every three weeks but the rest of the time I just use emu oil twice a day. I have been so blessed with this product and pray other women who suffer from LS will also try it out and be helped. It does take time. I had to continue to use the steroid cream in the beginning and wean off of it and onto just the emu oil most of the time.  I also use emu oil to help with hip pain. It is great for diaper rash for babies. Feel free to use my testimonial on your page. I am one very loyal and happy customer.
 Janet J. San Gabriel, CA

WOW! I ordered this emu oil because I saw some comments on a lichen sclerosis forum. I noticed improvement after the first application. By the end of the second day the condition was resolved, cured, GONE. Amazing.
Deb W, Floyd VA.

After just a few days using the pure refined emu oil on a badly affected vaginal and rectal case of lichen sclerosis, the swelling has diminished, the redness, itching and eruptions are disappearing. 

Most significantly, the thick scarring from a previous surgical procedure at Mayo clinic has gradually been breaking down and is peeling off leaving a smooth pink skin surface.  I have also been putting a couple of pumps of the product in a vaginal applicator and inserting once a day.  I am experiencing healing of the scarring and skin breakdown due to years of using topical steroids for this condition.

I began using your products after researching the internet and finding another person who suffers from Lichen and she found relieve using the Purple Emu so I am grateful to her for sharing her experience.

I see you don't mention in any of your literature or on your site the benefits of this oil in connection with Lichen Sclerosis but she and I both can testify that it does indeed have very beneficial results.  Feel free to use my experience if you like.  I expect I will see progressive healing as time goes on and will plan on buying this product in larger quantities so as not to run out.

Gay, Bismark, ND


Susan B. Port Orchard, WA

Hi, I would also like to tell you that like a lot of people I have fibromyalgia in a lot of cases people that have fibromyalgia their skin feels like someone is rubbing sandpaper on it. It is also very tender anything that touches it hurts even the seams of clothing. I have to wear my clothes inside out when I have a flair if you use emu oil it helps considerably I don't know what I would do without it. also women as we get older and are in postmenopausal stages in their life get vaginal atrophy which is very uncomfortable a little emu oil spread around not inside helps with the dryness and itching and helps you get on with your life. I just wanted to share this to help others because sometimes answers are hard to find and doctors nowadays don't have the answers so I hope this helps a lot of people out there with the same condition. Thank you for your time and your product.

Julie M Bensalem, PA


I have tried several of your products over the past couple of months and I must tell you how impressed I am with the quality and efficacy. I'd never heard of emu oil 'til I found a mention of it on a website I was reading, along with the address to your site. On the strength of that person's recommendation I ordered my first bottle of emu oil and have been amazed at its wonderful properties. I use it for treatment of lichen sclerosis, and have found it very helpful in providing comfort, relief from symptoms and controlling progression of the condition.
So thank you very much for such great products. I intend to be a customer for a long while!
Best regards, Chris R.

I was just reading on the internet yesterday...looking for a natural solution to my Lichen Sclerosis condition.

I read where other women had used Emu Oil and it helped tremendously. I happened to have some Purple Emu oil that had been given to me about 10 years ago. I was afraid it may have lost its potency but I had to try it anyway. I've used it 5 or 6 times yesterday and about 5 or 6 today...and I tell you the truth...I cannot believe how it has helped. It works much MUCH better than the steroid cream that I've been on for 14 years. My goodness gracious...I'm ready to order a gallon of this stuff.
Please rush your current catalog.

I ran to my health food store this afternoon to see if they had any...they had something called EmuGold...I got it just because I was almost out of the old one I found yesterday...and I never ever want to be without this stuff again.
I also put it around my cuticles last night...and on the tip of my thumb where the skin gets so rough....my cuticles are soft and plyable and my thumb was soft as a babys bottom this morning....no loose dry skin at all.
This stuff should be on OPRAH! :-)

Kay C., Metropolis IL


I just had to post about the miracle oil I have just recently found for LichenSclerosis...and I'll tell you right up front...it's Emu Oil. I was just reading natural healing testimonials on another website about 3 weeks ago...and one just happened to be about Lichen Sclerosis. I was really surprised because you just don't hear much about Lichen Sclerosis, period. But I was diagnosed with it in the mid 90's after a hysterectomy and was told at Vanderbilt in Nashville...that it is usually the result of a hormonal imbalance after menopause...but 'can' occur at any time from teens on.All I know for sure is that it can be one of the most miserable and painful afflictions to affect a woman.When I went to Vanderbilt in the 90's..we went there on our own because we live only3 hours away & here I was told there was nothing that could be done, no hope of even remission...and that I'd just have to learn to live with the pain. Not one to look at things in a negative fashion...and being desperate for relief...we called and got me in with the Gynecology Division of Vanderbilt. The doctor there told me I had one of the worst cases he had ever seen...but it was NOT impossible to turn it around. He prescribed a steriod cream...told me I would be in good shape within 2 weeks...but I'd have to use the steriod cream for the rest of my life. Well...I 'was' totally cleared up within 2 weeks...but the doctor had also told me that the cream would eventually cause a thinning of the skin in that area and pain may come back from easy tears or whatever. I was about 50 at the time...so In the last couple of years...I had begun to notice a thinning of the skin in that area...and a very slight burn that was there often...I thought "Oh my goodness...I justcan't even begin to imagine going through that pain again."About 3 weeks ago I was just reading those testimonials...just really piddling ona very rainy day...and noticed a testimonial about a Lichen Sclerosis 'cure'.I couldn't click on it fast enough. The poster was telling how she had used EmuOil to just completely cure her Lichen Sclerosis and do it within days. So I typed in Lichen Sclerosis + Emu Oil and found other testimonials stating the same thing. I remembered having a tiny bottle of Emu Oil that we had had for about 10 years. Never even used the stuff. Just saw it and got it. So I dug it out...wondering if after 10 years it had lost it's potency. I used it every hour for the rest of the day. Within 24 hours...all burning was totally gone. Within 3 days...the 'toad type skin' that develops after years of Lichen Sclerosis began to peel away. Within another couple of days...all the toad skin was gone...and the area is as slick and normal as a baby's bottom. Now those of you who have had Lichen Sclerosis long enough to develop that 'toad skin'...know...that that is a miracle in itself. Iwas just absolutely shocked beyond words when that toad skin started peeling away after just 3 days...and was gone in another couple. I had Purple Emu Oil...and I have since ordered a huge bottle of it. I never ever want to be without the stuff. I read other testimonials about it for wrinkles, etc...and started using it on the backs of my hands...(I'm 61 and a little wrinkly on my hands)...I couldn't believe what it did for my hands in just a couple of days. I have virtually no wrinkles on my face but used it there anyway...and the texture of my face is even smoother and healthier looking than it was before...and I was always getting compliments on my skin...but it is remarkably even better now. We have an elderly lady at our church that had been complaining of a diabetic sore on her ankle for a couple of years. She said the doctor has tried about 4 or 5'salves' :-) on it but nothing will heal it. I took her a little bit in one of those little white plastic pill boxes that are about the size of a quarter and asked her to use it every hour all day long. She has had me order more for 'her'...she said it started healing by the end of the first day...she was absolutely amazed and couldn't thank me enough. There are many Emu Oil products out there...and maybe they're all good...but I'm sticking with the Purple Emu Oil...and it is 100% refined with nothing else in it. Hope all of you suffering from this dreaded and very dibilitating affliction willcall today and get your Emu Oil...on the way. (from any reliable company) At our little country church...I'm always in charge of Mother's Day gifts, etc forall occasions. So I've ordered enough to give each mother a little container of the Emu Oil....it really works that fast and that good...that just a little dab...used a few times within 24 hours...will show you a big difference.The web site I've ordered from is https://www.purpleemu.comI have no affiliation with this company at all...but I am stocking up on this stuff like there is no tomorrow. And all of you who suffer from Lichen Sclerosis will totally understand why I say that.I haven't posted in months...just never even read on curezone any more...but I knew there was a Lichen Sclerosis forum and I just had to tell you all about the Emu Oil. I'll watch for a few days to see if anyone else has already tried it.Miracles happen for those who believe....yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI KNEW there had to be a remedy out there that would turn this horrible conditiontotally around and there was!!!Love and Blessings to all,kathryn

Hi bjdesp...I just found your post...I'm so glad things turned out well for you.I just posted an update...so be sure and read that. I tried 2 other Emu Oils while waiting for my Purple Emu Oil to come in the mail. (the one I was using was from10 years ago...was a tiny sample bottle and was almost empty when I found it...so it ran out fast). After the experience I've just had with these 3 seperate oils...I will never stray from the Purple Emu Oil. There's just something different about that one...and for me...Lichen Sclerosis is just too debilitating to play around with.I hope it works just as miraculously for you...keep me posted.Love & Blessingskathryn

Well...as I said above in my other post...the bottle of Purple Emu Oil that I found and started using after reading the testimonials...was about 10 years old and there was very little left in it.When I saw how well it worked...I immediately ordered a large bottle from the company. (This was a very tiny sample bottle someone had given me years ago).But after a few days, I ran out of the Purple Emu oil and I could tell within acouple of days that my Lichen Sclerosis was going to come back...without daily use of the Emu Oil. So I went to the Health Food Store and the only kind they hadwas Emu Gold...so I bought that and started using it immediately. I didn't have the same results with the Emu Gold...it also had Vit E oil in it...and just didn't help me like the Purple Emu Oil did. And I could tell immediately it wasn't going to. I found another Emu Oil at another store.."Emule" Oil...but it was Emu Oil :-) and tried that....that one seemed watered down...and using either one of these oils...was not helping keep my Lichen Sclerosis at bay. FINALLY...my Purple Emu Oil that I had ordered...came and I immediately ripped it open and began my doctoring routine. :-) Within a few hours again...I could tell a big difference. So there is just something about the Purple Emu Oil...it has miraculous properties :-) I also ordered the pure Emu Oil Soap with no fragrances and I just absolutely love that stuff. I've been using Basis Soap for sensitive skin for decades...but this stuff is so much better than even that.Again I want to assure you I have no connection to the Purple Emu Company. I "am" however, thinking about looking in to buying it wholesale in quantities. I don't know if I can do that without owning a business or not. But I would even like to have plenty of this on hand to put in gift bags, etc...and just to give away forfolks to try. Once you try it...if you have a bad skin condition...you'll justnever want to be without it.Hope others find this post and try it. I just can't say enough good things aboutit.Love & Blessings to all,kathryn