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Joint Pain

The following products are recommended to treat this condition:

Emu Oil Purple Rub Emu X

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

Thank you Purple Emu for allowing me to be part of the trial for your new pain relief cream: “Purple Rub”. I have to tell you this cream is absolutely awesome! I have suffered with a herniated disc in my lower back and osteoarthritis in my neck and upper back for a number of years. For the first time I actually have something that gives me relief from the pain and the stiffness it causes. And for a bonus, one application lasts for hours, no reapplying the cream every 30 minutes like other creams. Thank you, thank you a thousand times over for Purple Rub. I can finally sleep through the night.

C. Hampton

My husband has two plates and fifteen pins in his hip from an automobile accident. There was sciatic nerve and bone damage. At the end of a day of walking and being on his feet he is sore and in pain. He comes home and applies emu oil. Within five minutes he feels better.
Sue , Medford, WI 

Many thanks for your Purple Rub pain relief cream. I purchased it for pain control with my degenerative disk disease in my neck. Imagine my surprise when I found it works for all sorts of pain. A sore muscle, a tender elbow, my achy arthritic hands. I haven't found anything it does not work for.
Thank you again for this marvelous product.
Dave W. Perkiomenville, PA

While playing tennis, I started having pains in my hand and wrist to where I couldn't even hold the racquet any longer. I heard of Super Blue Stuff, but preferred an all-natural product. Purple Rub worked great! After only one week, the pain was one and my tennis game is back!
J Greer - Harleysville, PA

In 1982 I was 14 and had been diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  There are some days that it feels as if I cannot even hold my head on my shoulders. Up until 2007 I had used basically every rub and oral medication combination you could think of, that was on the market.
I did not receive any of the relief I do now from your product!  I have even given it to my Aunt that suffers from Post Polio symptoms.  Your rub has given the two of us, and many of our other family members, so much needed relief.
For me the magical combination is Purple Rub & Naproxen.  I can use naproxen by itself, but I do not receive as much pain relief unless I add Purple Rub.

I know that if I am out of Naproxen, and just use Purple Rub, I am going to receive more relief then if I used another over the counter medication.
Diana B, Topeka, KS