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Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

I winter in Arizona and have wavy hair. The water and dryness here plays havoc with my hair - it becomes limp and dull. Since using Purple Emu hair shampoo this condition has dramatically changed. My hair is soft and wavy again.
Phyllis G. Green Valley, AZ

I fell in love w/ everything about emu oil about 2 years ago. It started w/ the blemish control which my kids swear by. Then moved into more of the products about a year ago and love each one of them. We won't use any other shampoo or soap. 

I really, really like this product.  I have tried other products which contained Emu Oil but none performed for me like your Purple Emu Oil.  I use it for joint pain, sinus pain and itchy scalp.  I don't like to be without it.
Edith J. [edithkjones@.net]

Hi Nettie.

I use emu oil for so many things. One of the most recent discoveries I've made is how effective it is on my flakey, itchy, scalp. Because of my thyroid, my skin and scalp are so dry. The flakiness and itchiness of my scalp is especially annoying. I rub the emu oil that's left on my hands right after moisturizing my face onto my scalp. Not only has the flakiness and itching been reduced, but it controls the fly-aways and adds a nice, non-oily sheen to my fine hair. I love your products!


Debbie, PA

I use you're your emu oil on my scalp.   I have a full head of hair and I get dry spots that shampoo doesn't help. A little dab of emu oil and it is fine. I have purchased from you and will continue to.   Lauris E Melgaard,   larslongrun@.com

My idea for using Emu Oil is right after the shower while still damp, put a half a dime size in your palms and lightly rub over the entire body!  While palms are still "shiny" with a very little oil left, rub thru damp hair for shine and conditioning!

Peggy, LI, NY

We have been using emu oil for about twelve years and we always have a bottle in the house, we  order it by the 16 oz bottle and it lasts us one year, I use it as a  moisturizer on my skin on my hair, we use for ashes and pains rashes you name it. My husband has allot pain on his knees and we rub emu oil and with in minutes his pain is gone. Emu Oil is a miracle oil, we love it.!!

I use emu oil for so many things. Here are a few:

1: overnight hair conditioner- I apply to the ends or any dry sections and wash out in the morning.
2: eyelash conditioner-use at night
3: nightly facial moisturizer
4: great under makeup as a primer
5: during the winter I apply it to my children's faces before playing outside and their faces no longer get chapped from the cold
6:cuticle conditioner

I can't think of more at the moment but I know there are other uses-It is a staple at my home. Thanks for great products!


Hi Nettie,

I have been using Emu Oil for several years to help me control my seborrheic eczema (dandruff). I generally will have a significant outbreak about 6 times a year that can last anywhere from 1-6 weeks and it be very embarrassing so by rubbing a little Emu Oil after I wash and dry my hair it prevents flaking throughout the day. I absolutely love this stuff.