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Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

I twisted my neck and could not walk without pain, so I applied the Emu oil to the neck base, and all the affected areas, especially the kneecaps and feet, wrapped my neck and kneecaps in plastic kitchen wrap to seal it in, and put socks on my feet to seal in the oil. Discovered during the process (insult added to injury) that I had a painful in-grown toenail (my first ever). Overnight, I slept in plastic wrap and socks, and not only did the pain stop by morning, but I could move my neck and body parts without pain. I did not even think about the in-grown toenail for close to week, and while reading an article on the Internet about the Emu oil's uses, discovered in-grown toenails listed as one. At that moment I realized I did not have any further problems with that toenail!
Peggy and Glenn G., Camas Valley, Oregon

Thank you for your tip to use my AR Creme for my athletes Foot. How cool ! Not only have you cleared my skin but you took care of my feet with the same cream. It's a multi-purpose wonder!
Tina W., Sebastian, FL

I have to thank you for helping me stay in shape. I walk in my treadmill 5 miles a day at least 5 days a week and my feet were really suffering from the workouts. Since I started using Purple Rub on my feet before I start walking I find the whole exercise much less painful.

I should have learned from my husband who uses it for his painful arthritic ankles. Thank you for your products - I love them!
Robin Z, Ambler, PA

I have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and neuropathy and use your Purple Rub in the morning and evening on my feet and any other places where I might have pain. It is wonderful! I can buy it locally but cannot always get out to the store to buy it. I am happy that I will be able to buy it over the internet now. I found your website from looking on the 4 oz container.
Laura P., Camp Hill, PA

Two years ago I had a triple by-pass. Six months ago my feet swelled to the point that I could not wear shoes any longer. Doctor recommended Support hose. I tried that for two months. Now the ankles swelled underneath the support hose, and the blood or liquid could not return upwards. The huge swellings turned purple off and on. Doctor said, "Nothing else we can do. Once the veins are removed (harvested, he said) that's it." He recommended a specialist, but did not hold out much hope. What to lose, right? I asked my herbalist daughter to prepare a circulation-stimulating Emu-oil product. She did. My wife, who massages my feet daily with Emu-oil swears that my feet are a far cry from what they looked like. I did not contact the specialist, since the improvement in my circulation became glaringly self-evident. At the moment-- no more support-hose, no more hugely swollen feet.
Henry, Charlottesville VA 

My daughter Wendy has problems with the soles of her feet. They are calloused and very badly cracked-- to the point of bleeding and infection. They are quite painful and it made her very uncomfortable and unable to sleep. She was not having luck with creams, so on the last night of the reunion she agreed to try the emu oil. As I rubbed it into her feet I could tell she had a hard time sitting still because of the pain, but after one "coat" of oil she asked me to "do it a second time. It isn't quite as painful now." Needless to say, it relieved a lot of the pain and she was finally able to sleep that night, I sent my other bottle home with her. I keep forgetting to ask how her feet are and if she needs more oil --1 will do that soon, I promise.
Geri B, Sixes, OR

I wrote to you once before and had always hoped you would use my idea but have never seen it in your uses.
 I had horrible feet. I love to go barefoot and over the years my skin under my feet and especially the heels became rough, dry and cracked. Deep cracks.  My Aunt first bought me Purple Emu as a X-mas gift, along with other creams to try on my feet. I used some of the other creams but was skeptical about Emu oil.  Avon, Dr. Scholl's, True Blue Spa, Bath and Body Works nothing worked.  Finally I tried the Emu oil.  Within weeks I noticed a difference in my skin it was smooth to the touch. I continued to us the oil and within a few months the cracks were gone.

My boyfriend has psoriasis on his elbows.  I let him try Emu oil and it helped clear his dry patches. He liked it so much that he stole the bottle from me.