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The following products are recommended to treat this condition:

Emu Oil Derma 50 AR Crème

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about this products:

WOW!!! I just today purchased your "Derma 50" and "Emu Oil". I am currently a welder by trade, and have had recurrent problems with eczema, and have been to a dermatologist who prescribed a stronger ointment (I think steroid) than my family DR had. It would always clear up the eczema, but it would also always return. Well, one week ago, I did some very hot aluminum welding for about 3 hours straight, and REALLY flared up the eczema, which I already had to an extent. I have been miserable since, hardly able to put on gloves, or do much handwork. Today after work I determined to go to a local Country Store that carries your products. I bought the two items, and on the way home had to stop for a train, so I started putting on the Derma 50, and got IMMEDIATE pain relief. The discomfort was much like poison ivy, which I am susceptible to also. This product helped much better than anything else I have ever tried. So, I am happy so far. I will try to get digital photos of my hands and arms, BEFORE they get any better with the emu products. Would someone in your company be interested in me sending photos? Also, do you have wholesale/suggested retail pricing? Can the EIN number be my social security number? I might be most interested in being a distributor.
Thanks, Steve K., Sabetha, KS

The AR Creme was the only thing that we found that works on my daughters eczema. She has it all over her face and body. She has been trying everything! This is what she had used a few times before and we have found that it is the only thing that is consistently able to work for her.
Thank You,
Hollie & Brianne G.

Hi Nettie,
 I have been using Emu Oil for several years to help me control my seborrheic eczema (dandruff). I generally will have a significant outbreak about 6 times a year that can last anywhere from 1-6 weeks and it be very embarrassing so by rubbing a little Emu Oil after I wash and dry my hair it prevents flaking throughout the day. I absolutely love this stuff. Jacqueline~

Hi! My mother is suffering from eczema severely (on the head) now the only thing that really helped was EMU CARE shampoo - with Emu Oil - as well as for dry hair, have you received letters from people telling the skin on their head better?
Yvonne de J.

There is no known eczema cure, but herbs and other substances, like emu oil, have been found to be very effective for individuals who have not achieved the desired results from traditional medicine.  The dry, itching skin that accompanies eczema may be helped with products based on emu oil and herbs. Alternative therapies using herbs may be effective for some people suffering from eczema. These guidelines offer some information about eczema, its causes, and some suggestions about alternative, or complementary therapies. Many patients have discovered that Western Medicine does not always have success with eczema. Conventional treatment and complementary treatments should not be consider an 'either/or' condition. The best therapy is the one that ones for an individual.

An elderly woman with severe eczema on her face. Note: She had been treated for approximately eight weeks by a physician with conventional type therapy (cortisone, antibiotics, IV, oral) All prior medications were discontinued.
Eczema lesion after one week of pure emu oil application
Eczema lesion after three weeks of therapy using just pure emu oil.

Photos courtesy Dr. Dan Dean & Emu Today & Tomorrow

Emu Oil For Eczema
By Evelyn Lim
The latest skin care product for eczema appears to be derived from emu oil. Emu oil for eczema is becoming extremely popular as it has many properties that are suitable for the skin disorder. Emu oil can come as a topical lotion or oil for application to your skin. It also comes in capsules, shampoo and also as a soap alternative for bathing.

Emu oil is made from the fat of a bird called emu, a native bird of Australia. Australian aborigines had been harnessing the medicinal properties of emu oil for different purposes, for more than forty thousand years. However, its healing properties were only recently made known. These properties have been found to be most suitable for those with skin disorders such as eczema and for those with hair loss.

Eczema is a skin disease, characteristic with reddened rashes, irritation and itching. It is generally found that people with eczema are deficient in unsaturated fatty acids in their bodies. The structural profile of emu oil shows that it contains 70 % unsaturated fatty acids, of which 20% is linoleic fatty acid, a proven skin nourishment. This makes emu oil for eczema effective as it provides the missing ingredients for good and healthy skin. At the same time, you can also complement practical applications of emu oil with oral consumption to boost your fatty acid levels.

In addition, emu oil has many other significant properties. Emu oil is potentially bacteriostatic, which help to relieve the irritancy in the eczema symptoms. The triglyceride nature of the emu oil resembles the structural profile of the human skin, making it easier for effective skin penetration.

The anti-clogging nature of emu oil helps the skin to soak up the nutrients effectively. It adds plenty of nourishment to the skin and helps the skin maintain luster. The hypoallergenic nature and phospholipid absence makes it suitable for topical application in all types of skin.

However, before you start to order emu oil products, be extremely careful. It has been found that not all emu oil for eczema works! It appears that only certified emu oil products can deliver the medicinal results. The oil must be obtained from specially nurtured emu, free from diseases and also from 3 to 4 year old Emu birds. Strict standards in the extraction process have also to be adhered to.

It will be interesting to read of more studies done on the properties and healing benefits of emu oil. Reportedly, so far, emu oil has been shown to be effective for all types of eczema such as atopic eczema, allergic contact eczema, irritant contact eczema, infantile seborrhoeic eczema, adult seborrhoeic eczema, varicose eczema, and discoid eczema.

Evelyn Lim has been suffering from eczema for several years. Her recent flare-up led to her starting a site to report on her research and findings on natural eczema treatments. Read about her journey to getting beautiful skin here at http://www.eczemaskintreatment.com

A New Natural treatment for Eczema
by Myra Charleston

"First of all, if your hands look like you have some sort of disease, the ladies aren't going to want you to touch them," Ramon stated emphatically. "That's why it was important to get this under control and healed quickly."

Ramon is the owner and most popular stylist in his South Texas salon. The salon specializes in personal treatment, and consultations are by appointment only. The salon itself is a sweep of southwestern colors and plants; the effect is like having your hair done in a giant atrium. Want a manicure? Massage? Wine? Coffee? Anything you want, Ramon's people will get it for you.
After nearly 30 years in the business, Ramon suddenly found himself with what is commonly known as "housewife's hand eczema," a condition that is both uncomfortable and unattractive.

"We had been having some trouble getting plastic gloves, and of course you need those when washing hair or preparing dyes, so I changed suppliers. The new gloves had something in them, a powder, that I was allergic to and it damaged the skin." Ramon's hands became dry and rough, the area over the knuckles became reddened and patchy. Between the fingers the skin began to crack, reminding Ramon of athletes foot.

His dermatologist prescribed medication, a steroid cream that Ramon turned out to be allergic to. "I couldn't believe it, the steroid rash was worse - my hands had these little pus filled pockets, really gross." To make matters worse, the dermatologist went on vacation and wouldn't be back for three days.

Help arrived in the guise of one of his customers, a charming little gray-haired lady that presented him with a bottle of emu oil and a salty lecture about doctors not knowing everything. She insisted on watching Ramon apply the oil the first time.

"Ok, I admit it, I didn't think it would do anything at all. I only tried it because she's an old customer, been with me for years and I love her to death." Ramon smiled and said, "Actually, the oil soothed the skin immediately, it felt better." 

He used the oil several times that day, mainly because it made the rash feel better and was so quickly absorbed into the skin. He was amazed at the overnight results.

"The pus pockets were gone! Ok, there were one or two little hard spots that morning, but by evening, nada." He went on to state that the cracks in the skin were just rough red lines that were completely healed within a couple of days.

Ramon states that he talked to his dermatologist over the phone, but saw no need to return to the office. "Let's see, should I spend an unproductive morning waiting in his office, pay $220 for 5 minutes of his time or should I spend $15 on a bottle of emu oil and get on with my life?"

Note: This information is provided for strictly educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. For diagnosis and treatment,  consult your physician.