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Crohns Disease

The following products are recommended to treat this condition:

Gel Caps Emu Oil

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

Hi my name is Sylvia Stewart, and I live in the UK. After seeing the amazing results when using emu oil on my daughter who has chronic Crohns disease, I felt that there must be more people out there that could benefit from taking it the same way that she has done.I would like to start selling emu oil and emu oil products over here in England. Hope this is okay.

Many Thanks

Ulcerative Colitis vs. Emu Oil Gel Caps
by: Myra Charleston

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1993, Joylene Reavis was told that she would be on prescription medication and probably be in and out of hospitals the rest of her life.  Utilizing the services of an herbalist skilled in Kinesiology and muscle testing, she began taking herbal products to combat the disease.   It took six months to get off all prescription medication.  "I was symptom free 4 1/2 years, took no prescription medication and I could eat anything without concern."

Unfortunately, two bouts with gastro-intestinal flu in the fall of 1998 sent her back to her Gastroenteroligist.   The second bout in December lasted 10 days.  In the course of her visit, she provided the doctor with one of her farm brochures on emu meat and emu oil"When he turned it over, he noticed that the oil contains oleic acid and linoleic acid and became very excited.   He said this is exactly what I needed to be taking for my Ulcerative Colitis and that research has proven that essential fatty acids were very beneficial to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease patients."

Informed that she had been taking the gel caps since 1995, the doctor speculated that perhaps it might be  why she was able to go symptom free for so long without prescription medication.  At about the same time Joylene heard on one of her email lists that Dr. Dan Dean (see Emu's Zine featured article for January) recommended 2 tablespoons of emu oil for his patients and read a testimonial of someone else taking 4 tablespoons per day and being symptom free.  She then  increased her dosage to ten of the 750 mg emu oil gel caps, took an assortment of vitamins, herbs, amino acids, Enzymeall, prednesone, Asocol and dicyclomine.  "Within ten days of starting the emu oil at 10 capsules, I noticed a remarkable difference - no more mushy stools!"

As of January 9, 1999, she is completely off all prescription drugs.  Currently she is taking twenty-four (approximately 2 tablespoons) 750 mg gel caps (8 caps 3 times per day), 6 ADH Enzymeall (2 tables 3 times per day).  "I was really worried about increasing the dosage of emu oil gel caps.  I thought for sure that it would cause diarrhea or at least a noticeable softening of the stools.  It never happened.  Stools have remained quite firm, with normal size and shape."  Her doctor was surprised at the results and while cautiously supportive, does not totally approve.
However, he says he cannot argue with success and to keep doing whatever she is doing.  Joylene is back at work as a GM auto assembler in Janesville, WI.   She works 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Aside from being exhausted by the end of the week, she's doing fine.