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Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

Dear Nettie,
I ordered your Blemish Control as well as your Redness & Blemish Control and your Super-Rich Moisturizer last summer. Now I have to write to you and thank you for these excellent products!

Back in the mid nineties, my husband, who is an insulin dependent diabetic, had an HDL of only 35. When we purchased our first emus and became familiar with the emu products, he started taking emu oil gel caps.

His doctor only checks for cholesterol once a year but, the next blood test after he started taking emu oil gel caps, his HDL was up to 65. This past Spring his HDL was 85 while his triclycerides are only 51. Not bad!

We are totally amazed since, though he does eat a good diet most times, peanut butter, ice cream and cookies are a staple in his life.

Also, his resting blood pressure averages 85 over 65 sometimes even lower.

My numbers have been very good through the years but, I have not had them tested recently. Joy
Joylene R.
Brodhead, WI

A long time ago I talked directly to you by phone.
You told me that you had your Mother on Emu Oil and that it seemed to stabilize her blood pressure. I gave it a try because no matter how much the doctor increased my medication/water pill my blood pressure would not come down and too much of the one medication put too much strain on my one and only kidney.

You suggested that I may be eliminating the medication through my urine and to try the Emu oil capsules.
Well, I am happy to announce that faithfully taking Emu oil daily has stabilized my blood pressure at 120/80 and just to try an experiment myself I stopped taking the Emu Oil only to have my blood pressure elevate again. Amazing!

My husband recently went in for a physical and complete blood work and his cholesterol was out of the ballpark so to speak and the doctor wanted to put him on medication immediately. I said, "No" and to please give us 12 weeks to see if we could lower the numbers by diet and exercise and my husband now takes Emu oil capsules as well. I am so excited about this and thank you for the latest write up on cholesterol.

I will keep you posted on the results. I changed his diet drastically, eliminating all milk products substituting soy and rice milk and he eats absolutely no eggs. Oatmeal is served in the mornings with blueberries, or bulgar wheat, or bran wheat cereal. For dinner, lean cuts of meat, chicken, and soy protein is now served and he stays within the recommended 300mgs of cholesterol daily intake. White flour and starches has been eliminated and he enjoys mashed sweet potatoes. Rice a Roni is a favorite with no cholesterol, lucky for him.

We are excited to see what the results will be upon the next doctor's visit. The doctor was not happy with the game plan my husband presented to him but agreed to let us do our own thing first, medication will be considered as a last result. At least through a change in diet there won't be any adverse side effects !

Thank you Nettie for your wonderful products and your customer service. Sincerely yours, JoAnn M.

This product has done wonders for me. I have gone off prescribed medication. My overall cholesterol has lower along with the bad and the triglycerides. My good is still a little low. It has also lowered my blood pressure from about 130/75 to 114/70. The later reading has been the same at the last two office visits. My Dr. say keep on taking it. (My doctor kidded me about it jokingly saying he hated for me to take emu oil because he liked emus. I just looked at him a little funny and he laughed and said he was only kidding. He was referring to how some people say you shouldn't eat beef or some other meat because they like the animals and we shouldn't eat them. He told me to keep taking them).

It not only has helped lower my cholesterol and blood pressure it has helped ease the pain in my left leg and hip. It is a wonderful product. Taking these and not taking the statin drugs have really made a difference in the pain in my legs. When I saw the capsules and really ordered them for the joint pain, then found out they help lower cholesterol and the blood pressure
I have recommended it to my friend to whom this is being shipped.
Lavinia W.
Asheville, NC