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Purple Rub Emu X Emu Oil Gel Caps

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

I have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and neuropathy and use your Purple Rub in the morning and evening on my feet and any other places where I might have pain. It is wonderful! I can buy it locally but cannot always get out to the store to buy it. I am happy that I will be able to buy it over the internet now. I found your website from looking on the 4 oz container.

Laura P., Camp Hill, PA

Many thanks for your Purple Rub pain relief cream.  I purchased it for pain control with my degenerative disk disease in my neck.  Imagine my surprise when I found it works for all sorts of pain.  A sore muscle, a tender elbow, my achy arthritic hands.  I haven't found anything it does not work for.
Thank you again for this marvelous product.
Dave W. Perkiomenville, PA

We have been using emu oil for about twelve years and we always have a bottle in the house, we  order it by the 16 oz bottle and it lasts us one year, I use it as a  moisturizer on my skin on my hair, we use for ashes and pains rashes you name it. My husband has allot pain on his knees and we rub emu oil and within minutes his pain is gone. Emu Oil is a miracle oil, we love it.!!

Hello Nettie. I want to say thank you for the fine products. The blemish cream is superb. Here is some info for you. I have been trying gio flex for some arthritis in my hands, since I am a Musician, Guitar player, need some relief. I tried the sample sent with the cream and have ordered more. I put the Purple Rub on My left hand and the other brand on the right.

You are going to love this. Complete flexibility for the left and limited for the right. Again, a super product. It is always good to Believe that the People that make the product, Believe it Themselves. Thank you.
Kyle P.,  North Charleston, SC

Please send me information on how I can obtain bottles of your Emu-Gel capsules. I have severe arthritis pain in my knees. I got a sample one-month supply and have been taking three of them every morning and got tremendous relief, but now I am out and can't find them in health food stores or through the pharmacy. I have tried everything for the pain and this is the first thing that has helped.
Randall P.
Minneapolis, MN

I was injured in a freak accident and had surgery for three pinched nerves in my lower back, after which I had complications with ongoing pain. EMU X was a blessing in disguise for me !! Once applied, and my body heat rose from riding in a vehicle, etc., it was like having a mobile heating pad on my lower back and hip. EMU X was better than any medication prescribed for me. 
I used the 2 oz. roll on - that way I wasted NONE on my hand and it was easier applied. I learned of EMU X at a Show in Covington, LA and have bought from the individual several times. However, recently I learned that only Purple Rub is available through them. I've tried it, but without the Capsaicin, it is NOT the same and does not give me the same relief. Please tell me that EMU X is still available for retail sales. I will await "Good News" from you. Thanks so much for your time and cooperation. I remain, Sincerely, Brenda Black, MS

I would like to let Purple Emu know how much I enjoyed talking to the girl who helped me when I called. Unfortunately, I let her name slip my mind, but I believe it is so important to have up beat people on the ball and you have certainly got at least one.

Thank you for the product I ordered and also for the information on the distributorship. I am finishing up some other things I have going here and will be getting back in touch with you soon.

As I told you on the phone, I have had great results with the EmuX with some bad back pain. It kept me pretty much pain free as we traveled.
Marion P.
Keystone Hgts, FL

This product (Gel-Caps) has done wonders for me. I have gone off prescribed medication. My overall cholesterol has lower along with the bad and the triglycerides. My good is still a little low. It has also lowered my blood pressure from about 130/75 to 114/70. The later reading has been the same at the last two office visits. My Dr. say keep on taking it. (My doctor kidded me about it jokingly saying he hated for me to take emu oil because he liked emus. I just looked at him a little funny and he laughed and said he was only kidding. He was referring to how some people say you shouldn't eat beef or some other meat because they like the animals and we shouldn't eat them. He told me to keep taking them).

It not only has helped lower my cholesterol and blood pressure it has helped ease the pain in my left leg and hip. It is a wonderful product.  Taking these and not taking the statin drugs have really made a difference in the pain in my legs.  When I saw the capsules and really ordered them for the joint pain, then found out they help lower cholesterol and the blood pressure.

I have recommended it to my friend to whom this is being shipped.
Lavinia W.
Asheville, NC

I have tried several of your products over the past couple of months and I must tell you how impressed I am with the quality and efficacy. I'd never heard of emu oil 'til I found a mention of it on a website I was reading, along with the address to your site. On the strength of that person's recommendation I ordered my first bottle of emu oil and have been amazed at its wonderful properties. I use it for treatment of lichen sclerosis, and have found it very helpful in providing comfort, relief from symptoms and controlling progression of the condition
Oh - almost forgot. I also ordered some products for my elderly mother, some regular emu oil and Purple Pub, and she is likewise thrilled. Not only that, but she and several other ladies in her assisted living home ordered some of the emu oil Gel Capsules and she has told me that it is making a big difference on her in reducing her arthritis pain, when she didn't really think anything could help. She also uses the Purple Rub, and together with the capsules, is now feeling more relief from pain than she has in a long time.

So thank you very much for such great products. I intend to be a customer for a long while!
Best regards, Chris R.

My doctor has tried for 15 yrs to get my triglycerides down, but to no avail. Since I take 2 capsules or more daily not only has it made the triglycerides drop but has balanced all levels of my cholesterol counts. I am happy to report the latest Cholesterol reading was perfect! Total Cholesterol:199  LDL (bad): 107  Triglycerides: 109 and HDL (good):70. He told me he was amazed, never has he seen such remarkable readings. I Did not change diet, in fact, ate many foods I shouldn't have.

I originally ordered this product to control the pain from my fibromyalgia. Since, I have discovered that it helps the pain for the fibro but also the pain from arthritis. It also is wonderful for cuts, bruises, etc for a speedy recovery with no scarring.

I'm so happy I discovered this product! Thank you Nettie!

Julie R.

Thanks to EMU OIL, my husband and I can walk again without pain! I just can't believe what it has done for us!  Many, many thanks for your wonderful products!

I think it is just great the way you acknowledge your e-mails!  It makes me, as your customer, feel special.
Shirley A M., Mendon, MA

I like emu oil do much for the fast relief I get from aching joints I ready to try the shampoo thanks

I really, really like this product.  I have tried other products which contained Emu Oil but none performed for me like your Purple Emu Oil.  I use it for joint pain, sinus pain and itchy scalp.  I don't like to be without it.
Edith J.

We take Emu oil capsules which really help our joints.  But sometimes, if my knee is really paining , I break a capsule and rub the oil right on my knee - and it feels so much better. We love emu oil!
Reg and Judi Oswald
Reg and Judi O.

The roll-on Purple Emu stick is the best remedy I've ever had for joint pain from arthritis. Sandra Rose J.

Both Glenn and I, and quite a few people who know us and use Emu oil have found tremendous relief for tendonitis, carpal-tunnel disease (I have it) and arthritis. Some of us use Emu oil as the only treatment, and some of us use the Emu oil as a safe "driver" (unlike DMSO) to drive cortisone, aspirin creme lotions, menthol compounds deep into the skin tissues.
Peggy and Glenn G., Camas Valley, Oregon

Eleven years ago I had 2 disks removed from my lower back. I was only 35 years old with a two year old child! For the first four years I could do very little - stand, sit, dishes, etc. just normal routine stuff much less play with my son. I am always plagued with pain. I hate taking pills for chronic pain due to their side effects. We became emu ranchers in 1993 and one of our friends suggested I rub some emu oil on my back. Finally, one day about 2 years ago I was waxing my hard wood floors and way over did it. I was in such pain I couldn't even stand up straight! I couldn't even sit-stand -or lay down, I was having such bad spasm. My husband said it was time to try emu oil. "What do you have to lose?" He massaged it on for about two minutes and I couldn't believe it! I straightened up, the spasms were gone, the pain was gone and I finished my floors! Of course the emu oil can't repair my back as it is now degenerating but at least I can do more things, be more active knowing when my back hurts more than I can tolerate, I have a release from pain. My husband was happy too, he didn't have to finish the floors!

My husband, J.V. had three cuts on his arm from moving birds. He put emu oil on two cuts. He now only has one scar! There's no doubt in my mind the worth of this bird and the oil it produces. It has given me back a quality of life I thought I'd never regain.
Peggy & J.V. F. Grandview, Texas