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AR Crème Soft as Silk

Here are just a few of the responses we have received about these products:

Thanks Nettie ! I got to tell you, my son has had bad acne for the last two years and we have tried all kinds of topicals and prescriptions, the AR Crème is the only product that works ! My son also takes B-5 powder, 5 grams per day. This reduces his oils drastically. I would love to think he could eventually stop taking the powder . . . We just may need to wait for the hormones to balance out . . . .
John D, Province, NC

Emu oil is now my cleanser, love what it's doing, thanks Nettie!
Ingrid Belsnes - UK

I have tried several of your products over the past couple of months and I must tell you how impressed I am with the quality and efficacy. I'd never heard of emu oil 'til I found a mention of it on a website I was reading, along with the address to your site. On the strength of that person's recommendation I ordered my first bottle of emu oil and have been amazed at its wonderful properties. I use it for treatment of lichen sclerosis, and have found it very helpful in providing comfort, relief from symptoms and controlling progression of the condition.

I'd been dealing for years with rosacea that seemed to just be getting worse no matter what I did. I didn't want to have to be on antibiotics the rest of my life and that seems to be the only remedy offered y doctors. The other home remedies I tried helped either a little or not at all, but provided no real relief. So I was very hopeful to read about your Redness & Blemish Control Cream and ordered a jar used on your 30-day guarantee. Imagine my astonishment to see my skin clear up completely, with no trace of the rosacea after only one week! As of this writing, over two months later, there has been no recurrence of the redness or blemishes or lumpy nose at all. My skin is clearer than it has been in years, no more turning red if I have a drink, or take some exercise. It's amazing and I can't thank you enough!

So then, based on how well that worked for me, I ordered ajar of your Blemish Control Cream for my teenage grandson who is struggling with the inevitable teenage acne. Well I'm thrilled to report that the cream is also working for him. He has not experienced any redness and his acne is much improved, in fact nearly gone. Wow. These creams are amazing.
So thank you very much for such great products. I intend to be a customer for a long while!
Best regards, Chris R.

It's a miracle!!

I had to write and let you know just how good the AR Crème and Emu oil are (as if you had any doubts!). After about 5 days more or less all spots and bumps had gone - each day my skin is slowly returning to the way I remember it used to be - clear and supple!

I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me - my self confidence had plummeted over the last year especially, when my rosacea became really inflamed and angry - I feel like I've got my "spark" back, and my joy - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this amazing product.

I am telling everyone I know about it - especially friends who have children with eczema - I think the fact that all your products contain entirely natural ingredients is a huge selling point - so expect some more orders from Bristol! - I will be ordering other products myself!

Once again, thanks, thanks and thanks again! !
Best wishes Heather

Just wanted to share a letter that a friend had given me after selling her a jar of the AR Crème. 'We are having AWESOME results with Emu Stuff! Jake is on Cloud 9 now and almost can't wait to wash his face. He's not all cleared up but what an improvement, and he says his face doesn't hurt anymore, either. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! When you order more let me know.'
Just wanted to share that with you. I just want to tell everybody with blemishes (even strangers) about Purple Emu.
Sincerely, Ellen B, MI

This the first product I have ever tried that has actually cleared my acne (and I tried everything my doctor had available). It is also working for my teenage son. Thank you so much.
Sarah W - UK

I just wanted to let you know that we love your products
My daughter has suffered from mild acne and nothing we tried worked. She has tried all kinds of antibiotics, Proactive, birth control, you name it, we tried it.

I happened to stumble across your website and thought we had nothing to lose by trying the AR Crème . It worked!!!! I've told so many people about your products and gotten quite a few people to try it. I just ordered some AR Crème or my other daughter's boyfriend. And, I'm getting to the point where I want to tell strangers about your product. If I see someone in the store with acne I just want to go up to them and tell them about Emu Oil. Anyway just wanted you to know.
Ellen B

My middle daughter stole her older sisters container of AR Crème She has had trouble with breakouts on her back. She’s been bugging me to take her to the Dr. Well, she decided on her own to try thisAR Crème As she was walking out the door this morning for school she hollered to me to order her "some of that emu stuff'. Says it works on her back. I came to school and was placing my order online. Other teachers happened to walk in (I work in the library) and asked if they were interested in trying some. Well, that's why my order is such a big one. I'm getting everyone interested in trying your product. I'm just amazed. What is it with this stuff?

Thanks again for your wonderful product!!!
Ellen B

I purchased some Emu creme, otherwise known as AR Crème at a fair. I would like to purchase some more of your EMU oil. It did not work in 10 days but it has had an amazing effect on my daughter's acne and I think another application, with the space allowed so far in-between, should finish the job. I am an RN and have been concerned about my daughter seeing a dermatologist because of the potential scarring. There has been absolutely no scarring with the EMU Oil. It seems to heal from inside??!! The skin is renewed and looks healthy.

Thank you
Mary O, KS

Thank you! I spoke with you before...and for me, money is extremely tight-however, I feel it necessary to invest in AR Crème as it is the only product that works! I have tried literally hundreds of products for acne, yet none compares to yours! its a lot for me right now to even purchase this, as I really wanted the bigger one...but it will suffice for now....thank you again
Rhonda C, West Palm Beach, FL

Thank You! I'm really, really enjoying these products. A cosmetician at a dept. store cosmetics counter recommended them to me because I was having trouble camouflaging my acne and hyper pigmentation with foundation and/or concealer.
I've been using your products for over a month now and the AR Crème has managed to almost totally undo in a short amount of time what has been on my face for YEARS ! ! ! ! It's incredible. I've had blotchy, dark patchy, broken out sometimes, and irritated skin since at least the age of 13. Well, I do believe these products are leading down the road to recovery. I may even be able to go w/o foundation with confidence for the first time in my life. Thanks Purple Emu Ltd.!!!
Kim P, Houston, TX

I have to thank you so much. My brother has been using your AR Crème the last 2 weeks for his acne and inflammation and has had much success with it.. to say the least! He would never go to a dermatologist in embarrassment and never used good skin care products that are out there. So i urged him to try your AR cream and give it a chance, he did and he is all smiles for it!! I feel so good about myself finding this for him..

As for me, I've been using the 100% pure emu oil on my rosacea face the last month. It is truly amazing and I will never do without this the rest of my life. My redness is like gone when I use it nightly, the flare-ups are gone as is the irritation... It helps everything else absorb so well... My skin seems to be thickening as well, yes ...

I have also been using this oil on my scar that I have from a past hernia surgery, it is fading dramatically. I have been using it on my stretch marks on my back, they are almost 100% gone in only about 2 weeks of use, incredible! ! Also on red spots from a past rash, also fading big time :)... even my parents have been begging me for this oil before bed for their dry skin.. we all love it and wont be without it.

Thanks for making this available to us all. Bye and I'll be in touch
Mike L, AZ

Compliments on your products
Hi! I LOVE!! my skincare products!! After trying Golden Magic the first time, I thought I might like it… after a week I knew I liked it. Now, months later, I know I LOVE it! It has worked great with the AR Crème and cleanser, and the system has improved my complexion immensely. Thank you, thank you!
Nasreen K,  Mifflintown, PA

My name is David, and I just wanted to thank you! I am 14 and I have had Acne starting at the age of 12. I have tried Proactive which worked but it took to long to apply. This one step treatment is the best ever. I have an occasional pimple here and there but nowhere close to before. I tell all my friends to go to PurpleEmu.com for the best Acne treatment. I think everyone should try Purple Emu because there is nothing to lose except your Acne!

Please ship this item ASAP! I have none left. I was using the AR Crème until all my acne vanished, then when I stopped using it, my acne flare up again. My face just can't live without it.
Rida S-F, Oakland, NE

Hi Nettie, The AR Crème for the acne is brilliant. My daughter loves it!! Thanks
Lorraine G.
Broughty F, UK