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Answers to the most-often-asked questions about the PEL BASICS line of products.

Q. Why should I try PEL Basics when I’ve already tried everything else with little result?

A. PEL Basics Blemish Control and Blemish & Redness Control are different from other products currently on the market. They are made from all-natural ingredients which have been proven to clear the redness associated with rosacea and the blemishes of acne. They contain no harsh chemicals, require no lengthy, daily regimen and will not weaken your immune system like some antibiotic treatments can do. Plus, our products are made from 100% active ingredients, with no needless fillers or additives, so a little goes a long way, reducing the cost of clearing your skin and maintaining your healthy, new look. Finally, we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back, something medical treatments and most over-the-counter preparations will not do.

Q. I have rosacea but not acne. Should I still use the Redness & Blemish Control?
A. Yes! Our Redness & Blemish Control is specially formulated for rosacea sufferers. Since many rosacea sufferers also have acne, this cream will work on both conditions. Our Blemish Control is a stronger formulation, specifically for acne.

Q. What can I expect when I begin to use PEL Basics Blemish Control or Blemish & Redness Control?
A. When either of our creams are applied daily, you can expect to see significant improvement within 10 days, and a complete clearing of the skin within 30 days… we guarantee it or your money back! In some cases, an increased redness or flare-up has been reported for the first two to seven days. With severe acne, this process may last up to ten days. Stick with it! This reaction is caused by the cream drawing out the infection and bacteria which have long inhabited the affected area. Most people experience no increased redness whatsoever. During the first week, you may also experience a slight exfoliation. This is a normal process and will subside, to be replaced by clear, healthy-looking skin.

Q. How do I apply your cream?
A. For the first few days, apply only to a small area of the face, like the chin, to test (in the event you are one of the few people who experience an initial flaring of your condition). Massage gently into clean skin until the cream disappears. A once-a-day application is usually sufficient; however, some customers prefer to use our creams twice a day until their condition clears. Once your skin has cleared, you may need to apply only every second or third day to maintain your healthy, new appearance.

Q. How much cream will I need?

A. If you are using the Blemish Control or the Blemish & Redness Control only on your face, we suggest starting with the .5 oz. trial size, which should last about two months. Remember, apply sparingly… more is not better with these products.

Q. My skin tends to be dry. Can I use the Super-Rich Moisturizer at the same time as the cream without reversing the effects?
A. Yes, in fact a good quality, all-natural moisturizer can enhance the healing and counteract any dryness you may experience from using the Blemish Control. Our Super-Rich Moisturizer is the perfect compliment to our acne and rosacea products, and can help to reverse the signs of aging as well!

Q. Do I need to wait a certain amount of time between applying Super-Rich Moisturizer
and putting on my make-up?

A Because our Moisturizer is so concentrated it is best to use a very small amount when applying under makeup. Apply the moisturizer to a clean face, let your skin absorb the cream for about five minutes, then apply your makeup.

Q. I have oily skin, am I still able to use your Super-Rich Moisturizer?
A. Within about 30 days after beginning our Blemish or Blemish & Redness Control cream, your skin will become more balanced and less oily. In the meantime, use our moisturizer very sparingly.

Q. Will your Super-Rich Moisturizer clog my pores?
A. Our Super-Rich Moisturizer contains Omega 3, Omega 6 are other natural oils which enhance skin quality and maintain youthful, healthy skin. These oils are non-comedogenic and will not clog your pores.

Q. Why is your Super Rich Moisturizer different from what I can buy in the stores?
A. The doctors who formulate this product exclusively for us believe strongly in using only the best all-natural ingredients without any chemicals, preservatives or additives: 100% of the ingredients are working for you. If our Super-Rich Moisturizer is not the best moisturizer you have ever used… if you do not experience a more youthful, healthy skin in 30 days, we cheerfully will refund your money.

Q. Do your products contain an SPF?
A. No, we chose not to add an SPF to our facial products. For added protection, we suggest that an all-natural sun protection crème be used during the day.

Q. Who do I call if I have a question?
A. You can e-mail us anytime, day or night (see the Contact Us page), or fax us at 772-918-4760, and we will get back to you by the next business day. If you have an urgent question or if you need help ordering, you can call us toll-free Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time at 888-234-0473.